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As a professional fortified rice kernel machine manufacturer, our nutritional rice production line is very popular. Industrial automatic fortified rice machine processing line all types with great prices and high quality. Artificial rice making machine uses rice powder as the main raw material, and some other vitamin and mineral material can be chosen as the products required. The fortified rice making machine uses a twin-screw artificial rice extruder to make raw materials into rice...

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  • How do you make fortified rice?

    Considerations for improvising fortified extruded rice productsby S Saha · 2021 — Abstract Micronutrient fortification of rice by extrusion is an effective strategy To make...

  • How do you make iron fortified rice?

    Enhanced School Feeding with Iron Fortified Rice in - WFPMar 31, 2021 — WFP piloted the implementation of Iron Fortified Rice through School Feeding in Maguindanao,...

  • Is fortified rice healthy?

    Fortified Rice Enhances Nutrition Benefits Of Social Safety Jul 31, 2013 — “Rice is Bangladesh's most important staple food – it is the largest part of most people's daily...

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